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Survivalcraft World Files

NOTE: These world files are all quite out-dated. I’m keeping these up as an archive for my old stuff but I haven’t had enough time to get anything done on my mobile devices in quite a while. You are welcome to download them but they may be broken/glitched (or just old and boring), so download at your own risk.


  • Basaltia(v. 1.0)

Seed Used: None

I’m building a city in the sky that is “supplied” by a large basalt tower that goes from the bedrock all the way to just below the kill-limit in the sky.

The ladder goes from the bedrock all the way up to the top. Near the base of the tower is the beginnings of a large mine as well.

The tower is 18 mostly-identical floors with a basement level and a roof level. The basement level has a small swimming pool and the roof is the beginning of the civilization in the clouds.


  • InstantIdiocy (v. 1.0)

Seed Used: instantidiocy

Some people like to see their name in lights, I decided to put mine up in blocks!

Each letter of “INSTANTIDIOCY” in this world is a small building with enough space for a few clever rooms in each. Each letter is also connected to the ones next to it via glass bridges.

The first few letters are split up into rooms with stairs, ladders and lighting added (for ideas) but I left most of the letters pretty much empty so you can do with them as you wish!

(The block textures used in these images are from the LB Photo Realism x64 texture pack)

Note: These downloads will not work directly from your Windows Phone device.

You must first upload the world file to the /Apps/Survivalcraft folder in your Dropbox account.

Get Dropbox HERE!

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  • Rick

    WOW! You have a lot of time on your hands. Nice work!

  • luis

    you do good

  • rpc0618

    found i could jump off the edge into the water to get to the bottom quicker than all those damn stairs. lol. nice design! :D

    • rpc0618

      Oop! Found the ladder. it’s in the big glitch section of about 10 blocks long by 5 wide by the entire height of the building, where everything’s mostly clear, but you can make out mostly what the blocks are suppose to be. Is that expected, or did i get a corrupted copy?

      Anyway, I’m using SurvivalCraft 1.2.1 on my ipod running iOS 5.1.1

      • InstantIdiocy

        Greetings! I actually haven’t had time to play SurvivalCraft in months (though I’ve been following the dev blog). As you can see by my reply 3 months later, I’ve been sidetracked =D.

        My Basaltia world seems to have not done well across the course of the updates. Last time I loaded it, those glitches weren’t there. Of course, that was ages ago. Something happened in one of the updates that my game file is too old to handle.

  • AlexisBecker

    Is the world creative,cruel,challenging or what

    • InstantIdiocy